Early detection of cavities can prevent the decay from getting worse and creating the need for more invasive procedures. Thankfully, new technology in the field of dentistry has made it nearly impossible to miss a cavity due to the way that it works.

CariVu Device Fort Worth

What is CariVu?

CariVu is a handheld device that is used during dental exams and cleanings to help with the detection and diagnosing of dental cavities. The machine uses near-infrared light that surrounds each tooth, helping to show signs of decay. Healthy tooth appears white when the machine is in use while decay appears black.

CariVu Device Fort Worth TX

Why Might CariVu Be Used?

Because of the technology behind CariVu, it is often used in the dental office to ensure that diagnosing is done properly. In some cases, decay may be difficult to find, even with an x-ray. CariVu is another tool to help with identifying and treating cavities that might otherwise go unnoticed with a simple exam.

What is CariVu?

Benefits of CariVu

The light used in the CariVu device is complete safe and free of radiation, making it ideal for all types of patients no matter their needs or health condition. Some of the main benefits of utilizing CariVu in the office include:


• Early detection of decay

• Safe, gentle technology

• Ideal for areas where decay may be missed

• Noninvasive and highly effective

• Great for patients of all ages and varying needs


CariVu can be done either while you're having a cleaning performed by the hygienist or when having an exam done by the doctor. You are also able to view the results of the CariVu screening when it is being performed.

Why Might CariVu Be Used?

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Benefits of CariVu